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  7. Various coat of arms of the Wolfart´s and there basic structure
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Version 5_02 of 15th.Feb.2002

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A. Familyresearch Why

Hi,Friends of the Wolfarts

since 3 years we father Elmar (deceased since 07.Januar 2002) and son Thomas,try to investigase where our Ancestors came from and where they went. Meanswhile we have found the roots of different Wolfart-Families in Württemberg, Hungary, Tyrol, Austria, Sachsen/Thüringen, Schwedt/Oder and in Styria(Austria), whether they write their names with or without H . Starting in the middle ages the Wolfarts kept drifting intovarions areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and even to the U.S.A. . We have stored up our data´s in the computer and are able to graphically show the Familytrees and to prodnce Genealogical tables; we have also composed a booklet (181 pages) containing the History of the Wolfarts. You may order the booklet with the following Form.

Moreover we are planning a Family get together for all Wolfarts with roots in Edelfingen/Würtemberg this autumn 2001.
If you have any interest in our research please contact the following postal adress:

Thomas Wolfart
Schwalheimerstr. 30C
D-61169 Friedberg/Hessen

by E-Mail:

Mail to:

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B. History of the Wolfarts

Where did they come from - Where did they go to

Here you can download a summary with 181 pages of our present
researchresults.(zip-File size:200KB)
or you may order the booklet by a form Form bestellen.

Download the History of the Wolfart´s

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C.Wolfart Genealogical trees for downloading and small Statistics
D.Unsettled Wolfarts
E.Emigrated Wolfarts to U.S.A. and Great Britan

F. Any Infos Thomas Wolfart by E-Mail

Mail to:

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G. Various coat of arms of the Wolfart´s and there basic structure

Here are some short informations and pictures concerning the coat of arms known to us.

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H. Wolfart - Wolfart - Photos (Edelfinger Familytree only)

Here you can find a list of Photos of the Edelfinger-Familytree, which are in fairly good condition.

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K. 5 Links
County-Main-Tauber-valley (Germany).
Every Friday starting at 21:00 HRS you may participne in a chat, where Genealogists can exchange their experiences.

Genealogical Forum of Hr.Ramsperger
Here you can find the Emigrant Forum and Genealogical Forum of Mr.Ramsperger.
Here you find the Genealogical Forum in the U.S.A. , which is articulated by names. . - Kostenlose Personendatenbank

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L. Guestbook

Your opinion or critics concerning our Webside is important to us, please write down your comments, opinions or questions into this guestbook (or Forum) to enable other guests to get your informations, too.

We are locking forward to your entry.

Entry into the Guestbook/Forum

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M. Updates

Updates of 15th NOV 2000 or what is new

  1. Completion of the Familytree of Waiblingen
  2. Completion of of the Familytree of Heppenheim
  3. Recent photos of the Wolfart´s of Oberammergauer (Bavaria)
  4. Recent photos of the French Walfards
  5. Short information about the Walfards from France

Updates of 10th Feb. 2001 or what is new

  1. Integration of the English version
  2. Processing of the unsolved Wolfart's in a XLS File of chapter D.Unsettled Wolfart's

Updates vom 15.Februar 2002 oder Was gibt es Neues

  1. Änderungen auf Grund des Todes von Elmar Wolfart
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