Various coat of arms of the Wolfart´s and there basic structure

As fare as we know now no own coat of arms exists of our ancestors with the spelling W O L F A R T which wound historically be proven.

Since our name in its varions writtings is with no doubt to be traced back to Wolfhart the wolf comes into question to be the heraldic figure,who,because of his strength and his cleverness holds his prey in his mouth. Basic coats of arms

A clue for the shaping of a basic coat of arms could be the seal of the " Wolffhardts of Waiblingen as per A.Rasams " Anchestor-book Wolffhardt a familyseal exists which shows an upright standing wolf carrying a dead goose in his mouth, as well on the shield as on the helmet.

  1. Coat of arms Waiblingen 1
  2. Coat of arms Waiblingen 2
  3. Coat of arms Waiblingen 3

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